The text that appears when you Level Up.

XP (Aka EXP) stands for 'Experience Points'. It is exactly as it sounds; you gain 'XP/EXP' from doing certain tasks. XP is used to level up and get onto the Leaderboards if collected enough.

Here is what you can do for XP/EXP and how much you get.

Requirement XP Gain Other Attributes
Press a Button 10 XP 10 Points Per Button
Almost Drown 10 XP Finish a map after reaching very low air. (≤8%)
Survive a map solo 40 XP Earned if you survive after starting the round by yourself.
Be the 1st to Survive 20 XP Being the sole survivor out of multiple players earns this instead of Solo Survival.
Survive an Easy Map 50 XP N/A
Survive a Normal Map 75 XP N/A
Survive a Hard Map 125 XP N/A
Survive an Insane Map 200 XP N/A
Enter a Code that gives XP *Number* XP Depends on the Code


  • For every time you level up, you gain 5 Gems.
    • If you have VIP, you can gain gems from in-game tasks (seen above).