Purpose of This Page

These are the rules for the Flood Escape 2 Wiki. This page is meant to help wiki users understand the rules set in place on this wiki, to better the community, and content of pages. The rules on this wiki are very loose, but if they are disobeyed, they may be made tougher, or punishment may be worse.

Chat Rules

  1. All content must be appropriate for ROBLOX. (No inappropriate links, photos, videos, curse words, violence, etc.)
  2. Spam must be minimal.
  3. Alternate (Socket) accounts are allowed, but misuse of this ability will result in a ban of the alt, and temporary ban for the main account.
  4. No cursing. This includes all words that may be vulgar, or rude to some people. If somebody believes a certain word is a curse word, give them the benefit of the doubt (and don't use it) rather than arguing with them about it.
  5. Do not spam ping (for chat).
  6. Be kind. Arguments or debates are fine, but threats, extreme rudeness, or unkindness are not allowed. Be respectful to all users.

Note that these Chat Rules are also implemented on Flood Escape 2 Wiki Discord Server.

Content Rules

  1. No vandalism - This will result in a temporary ban, and continuing to do so will result in a permanent ban.
  2. No opinions - Opinions are nice, but articles are not the place for them.
  3. No spam - Don't add things that are repetitive, or useless. Be smart in your edits.
  4. No badge spamming - Badges are a feature which are meant to provide incentive for good edits, and help showcase the best editors. Users who break this rule will be given a warning.

Note: These rules will be monitored under an admins discretion. If you think you were wrongly banned, please fill out the following Google Form for ban appeals, questions, requests, and more. Ban Appeals and More

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