Dark Sci-Facility is an Insane Map created by Crazyblox. It is heavily proclaimed to be the hardest map in Flood Escape 2 to complete successfully. It has 7 Buttons.


Lava rises extremely fast and many large jumps hard to make appear throughout the level, thus the map troubles a massive amount of players. This map is also extremely hard because the explosion effects may throw the player off balance and there are two very hard platform-to-platform wedge jumps within the first half of the map which gives 95% of mediocre players certain death in the lava.


Dark Sci-Facility is essentially an explosion of a facility building, as demonstrated with gray padded walls for the first section and progresses to more of a hardware/technological texture. The layout of the map focuses mainly on complicated jumps and movements back and forth between buttons.

Dark Sci-Forest and Dark Sci-Facility share a lot of similarities, in the sense that they both follow a Sci-Fi theme and have similar platforming mechanics.


  • Dark Sci-Facility was released in November 2017, shortly after the beta release of Flood Escape 2.
  • Dark Sci-Facility and Dark Sci-Forest inspired many fan-made maps that follow a similar theme to that of the Dark-Sci levels. (E.g. Azure Sci-Facility, Dark Sci-Boxes, Infinite Sci-Facility etc.)
  • The second part is known to be way easier than the first part, because of the less risky jumps and easier buttons.
  • Unlike other maps, this map only has two rooms, unless you count the first starting "mini-room" and the rooms with buttons 2 and 3.
  • This is another rhythm-based map like Lost Desert. Once you finish the first room, the hardware walls will cooperate to the beats of the music. This doesn't occur in low detail.
  • This level is so popular because of how difficult the map is and its very unique walls at the second room. This is also the icon of Flood Escape 2 Pro Servers, due to being the hardest level in the game.
  • Back then, if you used Low Detail Mode, the screen-shakes wouldn’t have occur. Anything that is related to a LocalEventScript is deleted in Low Detail. But since LocalEventScript got disabled, it is theoretically impossible to not have the screen-shakes.
  • The hardware walls in the second room is a png (with transparency) texture. This proves that the main walls changes color and the circles and the lines are transparent, looking that the details of it changes color.
  • This map could possibly be the continuation of Dark Sci-Forest, because the building at the end of Dark Sci-Forest can be compared with the beginning of Dark-Sci Facility.
  • The minimum time a skilled player can finish this would take about 68 seconds.
  • The first corner to corner jump is noticeably harder in the map test version than the original.

Walkthrough and OST

Flood Escape 2 OST - Dark Sci-Facility

Flood Escape 2 OST - Dark Sci-Facility

Flood Escape 2 - Dark Sci-Facility 1 10

Flood Escape 2 - Dark Sci-Facility 1 10.500 (Solo) OldMap-WR

Dark-Sci Facility Ost - Old Ost

Dark-Sci Facility Ost - Old Ost

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