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• 11/15/2018

Making a map

I you want be involved, Tell me here or on my wall. Say your roblox username (No seriously) Then we will discuss.

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• 11/6/2018

Requested Pages

After much data gathering, I have reached the conclusion that the main reason people use this wiki is for finding IDs, walkthroughs, and information about FE2 Test Maps.

Because of this, I have decided to start a page requesting system. Through this, users can request pages about maps, game features, Studio aspects, or suggest other changes (there is a Google Form if you have specific questions about the wiki--use the 'Help' bar above).


If you want to request a page, please request it using any of the following ways:

-Post it in the Discord Channel Chat title page-requests

-Complete the Google Form (link: https://goo.gl/forms/iQwzGIjn8qdhO5Xb2)

Requests will be fulfilled in the order they are received (unless there is a problem/delay for a page).

Thanks for reading, and I hope this improves the general content of this Wiki!

Page Requests
Page Requests Google Docs
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• 11/5/2018

What secret will be added to my map?

  • water sword thingy
  • crazyplox
  • A staff member of the FE2W
  • Myself
  • ɘmɘm
  • An egg
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• 11/3/2018

FE2 Map Puzzle by LeoMessi21345.

All rights go to Zachippium for starting off this sort of thing.

You wake up and seem to be in a lift. Before you was

there, You entered a lift in the Old Apartment. I later got stuck as you were asleep. You need to find a way out. Examine? Y/N

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• 11/2/2018
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• 10/31/2018

Just a fun puzzle for people.

You wake up. You seem to be trapped in a small box made out of metal. Examine? Y/N (Tell me in the comments and I will reply with choice you can make, your goal is to escape where you are)

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• 10/30/2018

My new map

I have been working on a map in the past what I believe is abandoned. Now, I have finally pushed it out to public. the id is 2304945470 and the name is Inf. ways

What to do with it?
  • Nerf.
  • Yeah, Change it a bit though.
  • Its perfect! Just update once in a while!
  • I don't really care...
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• 10/29/2018

Testing a new map I'm making

I'm testing an After Shutdown map I'm working on. I update it from daily to weekly at the moment. ID: 2234393058 Currently there is only one room. Feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Have you played it yet?
  • Yeah, sure..
  • Meh, I've played it, but it needs to be nerfed.
  • It needs to be nerfed this instant!
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• 10/21/2018

Leaving the Flood escape 2 Map Scripting whatever you call it

Just to let you know, I will not make anymore FE2 Map Scripts. The EventString is completely annoying, Therefore, I shall stop. Thank Crazy for the EventScript Disable. Goodbye, I shall hang up my FE2 Scripting skills. Map Making will still happen.

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• 10/17/2018

YouTube is down! (For few minutes)

If you have not hear it, YouTube is down. All videos from YT in all wiki including FE2 wiki will not be played. This may fix soon for some of the time.

Edited: It is now up.

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• 10/14/2018


We are inactive again...

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• 10/6/2018

Idea Winner

First = After or Be4

Second = Myth Forest

Third = Construction

Yeah I will make a map of each 3 maybe? Reply for map names.

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• 10/1/2018

We are making a map!

Guys, I am inviting you to make a map for the FE2 Wiki! I need more support in this post so the map making will start as soon as possible. If you want to join, comment now. For more information, ask me next week.

Please, next week will do. I am asking Zach to lead the map making. Thanks!

And by the way if we finish a map the creator tag will be named as "Flood Escape 2 Wiki." Example: Towering Heights by Flood Escape 2 Wiki.

Support Map Making?
  • Yes!
  • No.
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• 9/29/2018

Planning to make a map...

I need ideas.

  • An "After or Before" Map.
  • A Mythical Forest
  • A damp Mire (Srsly not Moisty Mire)
  • A Construction Site
  • A Hidden Lair
  • A Desert
  • A Teleportation Map (Like Portals)
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• 9/28/2018

Planning to make a map

I got the FE2 Map Kit for a long time, but I never got to use it. I already have few plans to make a map.

Which theme of the map would be?
  • Secret underwater base
  • Mythical floating island
  • Hidden desert village
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• 9/24/2018

Any texture ID'S?

Dose anyone know any texture ID'S? Like The 2nd part of dark sci's, And others.
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• 9/19/2018

Best flood escape?

Best FE
  • FE2
  • FE1
  • FEX
  • FE6
  • Other
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• 9/19/2018
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• 9/17/2018

Please Read.

Heyo! A few quick wiki things I would like to cover. Some of these are important, so please read the whole thing.

1: Marsium is now a Content Moderator on this wiki!

2: Many new features have been implemented, such as different pfp shapes, new userpages, and different aspects.

3: GOOD NEWS: The Flippant Mommi Juice event has started! Make good edits and get badges!

PLEASE NOTE: The first time this event was held, many users were upset at the amount of edits I had in this category. I GET AN EDIT IN THIS CATEGORY WHEN I ADD IT TO A PAGE! You guys cannot use this event without me adding it to categories, and, getting badges...please do not leave messages on my wall complaining!

4: Please edit on this wiki guys! I need your edits, and your time spent is helpful. Also, please be on chat when you are online. I would like to get the Chat feature started, and if you are active there even if you're alone, that would be great! If the chat does kick off, I will award users who assisted with the roll of Chat Moderator.

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• 9/16/2018

What level your beat

What hardest level your survived
  • Gloomy manor
  • Dark sci facility
  • Abadoned facility
  • Lost woods XD
  • Sinking ship
  • Axiom
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